Mandarin Private Classes

 I’m pretty happy cause yesterday I started attending private Chinese classes, in order to improve my spoken Mandarin skills, in a fine place in Yangzhou city. Keren’s English Saloon was introduced to me by a Chinese woman who I met last week during a night train trip from Shanghai to Yangzhou. She tried to speak in English with me, but her vocabulary was too limited. Good for me, for I could practice Mandarin with her and another engineering student guy who was going home, in Nanjing after had been one day in Shanghai for a speech about stocks held by a Taiwanese specialist.

Christina used to take part in an exchanging language group which is hold every night in a comfortable (excepted for not having heater) cultural den where one can buy or just borrow, for free, Chinese books chosen with a good criterion. It’s a pity that during wintertime not so many people are brave enough to leave their homes for joining this exchanging language group.


(To be continued)




Admirador da cultura chinesa, tenho me esforçado para desmistificar e diminuir as distâncias entre esses dois países promissores perante o atual cenário econômico mundial: Brasil e China. Estudo mandarim desde 1997. Autodidata, acredito que não existam atalhos para o conhecimento. Não obstante, o exercício da aprendizagem, em si, e a perseverança encurtam caminhos, aumentam a concentração e tornam o percurso como o de um passeio matinal ensolarado. Além de atuar como tradutor-intérprete, sou consultor e intermedio negócios na área de importação-exportação.

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  1. 老兄,我在百度里收到你的博客!!!我是keren!我正在漂亮的新沙龙里……

  2. 我们2年前就装了空调,不会没有HEATER 了!!!

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